Wednesday, December 08, 2021



We repair all brickwork, whether it's on a chimney, stairs or on the side of the building.  We will do our best to match the existing structure. 

Brickwork is the process of installing or restoring brick homes, walls, or other structures.  Brickwork simply involves stacking brick in even rows with mortar used to hold the units together. More advanced projects include adding brick siding or landscaping features to a home or building. Call today for a free estimate or consultation. 708-448-8866 and ask for Paul.


Example of brickwork used in a landscaping feature.

mailbox  planter

  • Palos fireplace before rebuild
  • Palos fireplace during rebuild
  • Palos fireplace rebuild finished
  • Dee Plumbing Rebuild before
  • Dee Plumbing day 2 construction
  • Dee Plumbing day 3 construction
  • Dee Plumbing Finished Rebuild
  • Entrance Pillar 2 construction phase pic 2
  • Entrance Pillar 2 construction finished
  • Entrance Pillar 2 construction phase

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