Chimney repairs are very important.  The weather can do a lot of damage to the chimney since it is not protected, and the chimney's mortar joints and bricks deteriorate much quicker than the bricks on a house. The best advice I can give a homeowner is to make sure and have your chimney checked before the chimmey needs extensive work completed.    

At Paul Lally's Masonry, Inc., if the bricks are damaged and cannot be reused, we do our best to match the brickwork by looking for recycled or salavaged bricks to match the look and color of the original bricks.

We also do parapet repairs, caulking, waterproofing and many other types of restoration.  Call today for a free estimate or consultation. 708-448-8866  and ask for Paul.


Before and after examples of repair work done by on a chimney.

  Chimney 3 before pic 1    Chimney 3 after pic 1