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Brickwork... What is brickwork?

Brickwork is the process of installing or restoring brick homes, walls, chimneys, or other structures. At its most basic, brickwork simply involves stacking brick in even rows with mortar used to hold the units together. More advanced projects include adding brick siding or landscaping features to a home or building. Finally, brickwork may also include restoring historic brick structures to their former glory by replacing damaged bricks and mortar. Each of these projects requires the work of a skilled brick mason along with a variety of special tools and equipment.

New brickwork involves laying brick in rows, or courses, to form a wall or building. Traditionally, this work involves building a double layer of brick with a cavity in between to construct the basic shell of a house. The bricks along each row are offset for added strength and stability, and the top and bottom of each brick is buttered with cementitious mortar to form a tight bond. Workman rely on trowels to add mortar, and wet saws to cut the brick to the desired size to complete each row. This type of work is generally performed on scaffolds or lifts.

Stonework... What is stonework?

Stone work is very similar to brickwork. Instead of a uniformly sized brick we use stone building material, either natural occurring limestone, cobbles or other such material or manufactured stone work. Manufactured stone material is used for a variety of reasons from weight reduction to consistency of the material for its intended use. A good example is a stone fireplace.

Tuckpointing... What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the removal and replacement of mortar from the joints between bricks. Through exposure to weather and other types of stress over time, mortar can become weak, lose its bond with the bricks, and begin to fall out. When cracks and cavities open up, the process can escalate quickly, because foreign elements such as water, ice, insects, and organic matter have avenues into the bricks to cause further damage. In tuckpointing, failing mortar is mechanically removed and replaced with new mortar.

A good tuckpointing job will address issues such as:

Age and types of bricks involved (old bricks, which are usually softer, require special types of mortar)

Color of the original mortar so that contrast between the repair and other areas is minimized

Type and depth of mortar joints

Block work... What is cinder block construction?

Some construction projects call for a larger masonry block than a standard brick, but solid concrete blocks can be very expensive and very heavy. One common compromise are largely hollow masonry blocks known as cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are also sometimes referred to as concrete blocks, breeze blocks, or concrete masonry units. Cinder blocks are generally lighter than solid concrete blocks, which makes them easier for brick masons to place in position.

Some uses for cement or cinder block:

Construction of walls or foundations for many types of buildings

Create permanent steps by laying the blocks, with the holes on the sides, in a staircase pattern. The cinder blocks are joined together permanently with cement or mortar.

Many different landscape projects from landscape walls and borders from constructing a permanent flowerbed borders with a short wall of stacked cinder blocks which improves your landscaping. Cover the cinder block borders with limestone caps to cover the holes at the top, or leave the tops open to use as flowerpots.

Construct a barbecue or fire pit out of leftover cinder blocks. Use cement or mortar to make the pit a permanent fixture.

Set a few blocks out in a row and top with concrete slabs or limestone caps to create a bench in your yard or garden or even on your deck or patio.

Cement work...What is flat cement work?

Flat cement work refers to construction of such things as sidewalks, patios and landscaping features. Typically a project starts with a layout on the ground and forms are built to contain the cement until it hardens and cures. Flat cement work also encompasses repairs and or replacement of existing walkways and other pieces.

New Construction... we do all types of new construction brick, block and stone. We can assist you with everything from planning out your project to working with an architect or engineer to get the job done right.

Waterproofing... we do waterproofing of ...

Repairs... Pau Lally's Masonry, Inc. can repair many kinds of problems from missing bricks, crumbling chimneys, tuckpointing and other masonry problems. We do restoration work on older homes and walls, replace broken sidewalks and even patch brickwork to match the existing brick patterns. We also do grinding.

Cleaning... Paul Lally's Masonry, Inc. can clean your brick, cement and masonry work. We use many different techniques and solutions to clean and restore old, tired brickwork or cement to a like new condition. As part of the cleaning process we protect your structure or the surrounding area from the chemicals or tools we use.

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